Our Yang class unites movement with breath. Develop awareness of core strength and flowing creative movement. Through this flow, the body naturally builds heat to help move into postures and create a sense of lightness. Modifications make this an accessible all-level class.

Sun Salutation Express

Perfect for anyone on the go who needs to take a moment out of their day! Join our 30 minute Sun Salutation Express class to warm up the body and increase the heart rate. We start with a warm up, followed by 20 minutes of sun salutations and finishing with a cool down stretch.



Our Yin Yoga classes focus on less asanas, and rather holding them for longer. The yin areas of the body generally targeted in practice are between the knees and navel, the lower body. Yin Yoga is more meditative and restorative than yang yoga, focusing on cultivating mindfulness, stimulating the flow of energy in the body and relaxing the spirit.


Are you looking to promote a healthier work life balance in your workplace? Our corporate classes are the ideal team bonding activity to break up your day and encourage staff to stay active. Contact us to learn more about pricing and find a class time that suits your team!

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