UPG Studio is an exclusive wellness studio overlooking the South Yarra skyline, designed to help our clients discover optimal health, peacefulness, restoration and enjoyment.

An extension of its parent business, United Physiotherapy Group, a trusted and experienced holistic healthcare company founded in 1999, director James Nguyen saw opening UPG Studio as the next step of his growing business. The idea behind opening UPG Studio was to complement United Physiotherapy Group, who specialise in physiotherapy services across private practice clinics, residential aged care & community care.

A collaborative vision by leading physiotherapists and wellness consultants in Melbourne, the studio treats its clients through holistic evidence-based healthcare, and provides them with a personalised and effective health plan.

Bringing together our team of experienced healthcare professionals including Pilates specialised physiotherapists, massage therapists, yoga and meditation/mindfulness practitioners, we provide a personalised and effective health plan for all of our clients.

We treat injuries and pain through holistic evidence-based healthcare through movement, mindfulness and encouraging healthy lifestyles.


We seek to provide an inclusive wellness service and a complete health and fitness destination noticeably lacking in the healthcare sector, with a contemporary approach to physiotherapy, yoga, Pilates and functional fitness.

We seek to inspire our clients to feel part of our health community, ensuring the best health outcomes and recovery goals.